Can you imagine promoting your company or your product with a professionally produced video which looks like a serious economic television news programme? SwissNews Corporate TV offers its corporate clients a journalistically based Portrait of their company or product. If it is newsworthy information, we can make a story about it. The production of a CNP is almost identical to the VNR with one exception. The CNP is not designed to be shown on television. It is for a company’s own audience. That makes it much easier to make. But the story about the product gives it the appearance of having been made for a journalistically based TV News Magazine. That means it can reach an audience which can give positive feed back about your company or product. SwissNews Corporate TV would like to show you about these products; how to find
the newsworthy angle; how a story is produced based on the information you give about your company or product and how the story still keeps its commercial objectives. We‘ll reach your key audience in your target markets at the time you consider to be right. For further information concerning our products, services and prices, please find our website. Via e-mail You can order our services online, ask
for a specific quote.

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