SwissNews Inc. is ready.
We have developed a self-contained IP broadcast system.

SNIPNET - SwissNews IP Network (SwissNews own System)
SLB-IPNET - Secure Live Broadcast IP Netzwerk (Customer System)

is our own system configured for our needs to provide customers with broadcast/streaming IP environment. It is installed in the Geneva & Zurich studio and we also operate our own mobile units in the same network.

Everything is fully operational.
You can work absolutely reliably via WAN/LAN or 4G/5G connection.

For customers we offer the SLB-IPNET. This can be configured for each customer and his needs.

The general structure of both systems are identical.

Briefly explained:
SLB-IPNET has been developed specifically for customers.
It can partly replace the conventional, satellite-supported workflow (SNG's and MCR's).
This requires a fixed infrastructure (MCR) and mobile units.

This system, which has been put through its paces by us, is fully operational. Once the portable units are connected to the network (IT), they can be operated immediately and remotely by the MCR. These units can be reached from anywhere.
It doesn't matter how many transmission points or MCR's a customer operates. The fixed points are permanently connected to each other. And as soon as the mobile units are connected to the network, they automatically connect to the customer's own SLB-IPNET.
SLB-IPNET is extremely protected by the highest firewall technology.

Why IP Broadcasting?
Satellite connections are less and less in demand.
At the latest since the EBU/ITU decided to set up an IP Broadcast Workflow, the use of this technology will come more and more to the fore.

SLB-IPNET advantage:
The process will indeed become simpler and the operating costs more favourable.

With the SLB-IPNET, the workflows remain almost the same. It even gets easier!
The workflow between the broadcasting stations and the MCR's does not necessarily have to be completely changed!

Today we use broadcast certified hardware IP encoders & decoders instead of satellite encoders and decoders.
Frequencies become IP addresses. The IT connection "replaces" the satellite provider.
At the respective IP encoder or decoder there is SDI and HDMI input and/or output, where the SDI signal is finally delivered.

The eternal discussion regarding the entire IT security "in the house" is obsolete.
The area of satellite transmission and reception has always been a separate area. And that must remain so.
Therefore, the IP broadcast area needs its own physically separated IT connection (copper or fiber) and behind it, with its own addressing, is the SLB-IPNET.

No matter where and how many sending and receiving stations are integrated in your SLB-IPNET workflow, you can reach and control all stations remotely.

The SLB-IPNET contains the following attributes:
• enormous cost savings (no DSNG/no satellite costs)
• enormously high reliability (stability) of the entire hardware
• absolutely secure firewalls (our Firewall Spezi is a certified F5 programmer)
• highest HD A/V quality / HEVC and H.264 8-10bit 4:2:0/4:2:2
• direct two channel communication between encoder & decoder
• always remotely accessible from everywhere

SNIPNET or SLB-IPNET can be the solution!

For more information, real time tests and enquiries please contact us on +41 44 44 00 515.