SwissNews goes IP!

23.09.2019 |

introductory remarks
Nowadays everyone is talking about Internet Live Streaming, Private Cloud Services, Social Media, etc.
What does their implementation look like for professional broadcast services?

SwissNews AG has developed a solution to stream live broadcasts securely and stably with only one 5G/4G SIM card or via WAN connection.
We call our system SNIPNET. SwissNews IP Network.

A simple but efficient solution to realize Point-to-Point (PTP) or Point-to Multipoint (PTMP) transmission.

In addition to the well-known broadcast production services, such as the provision of film teams, editing suites or satellite OB vans, SwissNews AG now also offers its customers IP-based broadcast services.
Live broadcasts or overdubs via Internet, with only one (!) 5G/4G SIM card or stationary from WAN/LAN, in full 10bit/4:2:2 HD broadcast quality, with lowest latency. The H.265 compression makes this possible.
Depending on the transmission mode, the latency is between 300ms and 1500ms or more. In mobile use, everything can be operated with a single 5G/4G SIM card. There is no need for a server to receive the stream, just a H.265/H.264 compatible hardware IP decoder, which can be accessed via a secure, publicly accessible IP address. (software based IP decoders are also possible)

The SNIPNET systems are portable, mobile units that can be operated autonomously for 6 - 8 hours. These are suitable for lightning strikes or for transmissions from places that are difficult to access.
On the other hand there are small, mobile 19" rack units (220V), which are used for bigger or smaller occasions.

All these systems form a self-contained network (Tinc Mesh Network / Tinc VPN / any to any).

Each SNIPNET unit is equipped with a pfSense hardware firewall, which;
- the fixed addressing of the underlying hardware managed
- Internet access, all internal and external login protocols/VPN's, authorized IP's managed
The security is therefore absolutely guaranteed, whether we have to send or receive.

All units are equipped with Broadcast certified hardware encoders/decoders that meet the highest standards.
***(see encoder specifications below)

Mobile Unit: portable system
- 1x pfSense Firewall
- 1x 5G/4G mobile router to firewall
- 1x Encoder (Input: 2x HD /Output: 4x Stream)
- 1x PowerPac: two series-connected 24V special batteries offer up to 8 hours of autonomy
- 1x 1kV generator as backup

Rack Unit: portable 19" system
- 1x pfSense Firewall
- 1x WAN/LAN to Firewall
- 1x 5G/4G router as fallback safety
- 1 - 4 Encoder/Decoder
- Cisco 350/28 managed switch
- one 220Volt connection
- small generator 220V as backup in case of power failure

Both systems can be operated via 5G/4G or WAN/LAN.

If a SNIPNET unit is connected to the Internet, access is possible immediately wherever the system is located with the appropriate login. For Tx/Rx, only clearly defined IP addresses are used or permitted (mapping).
This offers highest security even in most difficult IP environments like media companies, banks, etc.
SNIPNET works with a single SIM card and therefore does not need a complex server to receive bundled traffic.